Lily is a special dog with some unique issues & challenges. She was first seen as a starving stray in northern Louisiana with an obvious right front leg injury. Healy Pack Rescue answered a desperate call for help & a local rescue intervened to get her seen & vaccinated for travel. After being examined x-rays showed a shattered right front leg with a severe infection, secondary to multiple gunshots. She was severely emaciated, suffering from Lyme disease and heartworm positive. Before her arrival we set an appointment with an excellent orthopedic surgeon we have used before. Her condition on arrival was heartbreaking, but Lily was incredibly brave and resilient.

She has been happy, engaged in life with her new sisters and full of tail wags and belly rub “requests” everything was going extremely well for approx. 2 months. Then over Christmas, she gave a yelp when standing up and was unable to bear weight on her left/only front leg. She was rushed to our local vet & subsequent x-rays revealed that this shoulder is also full of shrapnel & has a small fracture.

It was determined that she is not a surgical candidate for repair of the shoulder, but it is not infected & does not need amputation. The plan was to continue to use the wrap for support & pursue an orthotic brace, and eventually a wheelchair. However, we have been on a post-holiday waiting list to see a rehab specialist for evaluation & wheelchair measurements.

Unfortunately, at the beginning of the week, something suddenly changed. Lily again became lame in her left front leg. We are still desperately trying to get her in to rehab and she is on pain management.  She takes a few steps with occasional toe touch for balance, but it is obviously painful. She is cooperative but this is far from an ideal situation.

We are looking for guidance, options, and help. Lily is an inspirational survivor & has an incredible will to not just live but thrive.  We are hoping you can help provide some input & help to achieve her maximum quality of life.

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Our vision statement is to save as many Senior German Shepherds from kill shelters as possible. We will medically assess and treat as determined by our veterinary partner.​​​​ We will continue to provide excellent food, supplements, and veterinary care. Where possible, we will find appropriate homes and aftercare for each dog. If this is not possible, they will live at the Sanctuary.  We will never kill for space and will be with each GSD when the time comes. All dogs shall be cremated and returned to Healy Pack Sanctuary.